Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nature Walk

I know it's a little out of the ordinary to be posting something non-fashion/beauty related on "a" fashion blog. I figured it'll be good once in a while to have something different and to showcase 
other things I'm passionate about, like photography. ALSO, since yesterday was family oriented I'd show some pictures of our adventures.

(Not the best idea to wear white Keds on a picnic )
Yesterday, the family decided to have the annual Victoria Day picnic at James Garden. Which was the perfect place to take pictures and have the picnic. Yeah, my dad actually felt clevver having it there, but we soon found out other people had THAT exact same idea.

After we found an empty picnic table (two hours later) and ate the delicious picnic food. We took the kids to the trails to ride their bikes. Well, it was an attempt since they we got distracted over the little things along the way.

Eventually everyone got tired and walked back to the picnic grounds. Except me and the mother and continued our hike. So fit so fit.. not really.

Being outdoors really got me excited for this summer. Who knows, I'll probably have one of my morning jogs in this park.


My original fashion posts will resume tomorrow, stay tune!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Benefit's World Famous Neutrals Review

Having lost my Urban Decay Naked palette so suddenly (thanks to a certain pet) I was in desperate need of a new neutral palette for an everyday make-up look. So whilst browsing through Sephora I gravitated towards Benefit and found this palette. At first I was a little iffy' since the shadows weren't exactly matte, but Benefit sold me on the lovely colours they included. Plus the packaging is always right on point with Benefit and I'm already a big fan of the products I already own. : )

The palette also comes with two easy to follow tutorial one for day and night which is really helpful for beginners. 

The palette includes two cream shadows: birthday suit & my two cents 
and four long-wear powder shadows: call my buff, kiss me i'm tipsy, it's complicated, and gilt-y pleasure.

 I have to say that my two cents is probably my favorite color in the palette since you could just dab it on with a bit of mascara and call it a day.

The only downside to this palette is that call my buff & it's complicated are a bit chalky, with that being said they are still pretty much buildable and still good for highlighting. Overall the shades are highly pigmented and wearable just on their own or blended together. And the packaing allows it to be really convenient for traveling.

1. Pigmented
2. The cream shadows don't crease
3. Go to palette for the Spring and Summer
4. Buildable

1. No matte shades
2. A lil bit chalky 

Overall I'm really happy with Benefit's World Famous Palette, it was really worth the $35 (..not too bad since you're getting six wearble colors + benefit cream shadows are a little expensive). You guys should also check out the other two palettes they have in the collection. I hope my review helped!


Sunday, April 21, 2013


Yesterday one of my bestfriends' and I went downtown to go shopping.. again! Woo. I think in both our cases that wasn't the best idea since we previously did the week before. BUT with it gradually getting warmer (ehh... not really) I still needed a few Spring/Summer staples to upgrade my wardrobe.

With that being said I'm only including the pictures of the things I bought yesterday or else this would be a really long post. They will be included in future posts for reference.

I just noticed I didn't get all that much, but I really do love all the things I got. After the long shopping trip Cindy and I basically walked around Eatons and got sushi for lunch. Did I mention they were having an end of the day sale? awyeah. We were still really hungry (as usual) so for desserts she introduced me to this awesome ice cream place called 'Marble Slab Creamery'. So good So good, I definitely will be going back. 

( For the review:  Click Here! x)

Even though I did get the Topshop Jelly Sandals a little over a month ago, I thought I'd show a different alternative to the platforms. I'm still pretty much obsessed with them and can't wait to add a white or brown one to my collection soon. Hehe x

(In my opinion, I don't think these pictures do the sandals and skirt any justice so I'll be sure to include links to the items below.)

A big thank you to my shopping buddy for an awesome day and for helping me decide.. would've been in Sephora the whole day tbh. Lol.

Benefit's World Famous Neutrals: Click Here
Topshop Tshirt: Click here
Forever 21 Skater Skirt: Click here
Similar Zara Platforms: Click here
Topshop Strap Sandals: Click here

UPDATE: My bedroom is getting a little makeover so sorry I haven't posted much and to make it up I'll do a room tour later on.

New post tomorrow, stay tuned


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Unexpected Plans

I think one of the many things I love the most are spontaneous plans. It's probably because they're usually twice as enjoyable (..unless that's just me). Haha, and to be honest I'm the type of person that has to have everything pre-planned or I'll be an indecisive mess. Makes no sense. BUT. It does have to do with the thrill of never knowing what is going to come next. Which usually results in a memorable day.

To find out the fun stuff I did, check out my bestfriend's blog who is also
behind these pictures!

I don't normally shop at Suzy, but I had to have this blazer.. goes to show what you might find if you get out off your usual routine. (or walk in a random store)

Suzy Blazer | H&M Blouse | American Eagle Jeans | Shoe Company Oxfords | Aldo Spiked Bracelet

New post tomorrow!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Finally, a new post! Something really exciting just happened and I can't wait to reveal the news soon. But for now here is another awaited OOTD (which was taken Tuesday..) It was still pretty chilly out so I opted for the usual knitted sweater and of course one of my favourite polka dot blouse for a delicious brunch dtown. I regret not bringing my camera, but I'm pretty sure I'll come back because their crepes are tdf. 

So whilst away from the internet world for a while I decided to reflect on how I can get used to blogging again because as you guys noticed.. I'm not as consistent as I want to. SO, I decided to publish drafts that I've been longing to post in case I get held up again. Yay innovative thinking.. not really. 

Aldo Spiked Boots | H&M Sweater, Pants, Blouse | Topshop Lace Socks 


Friday, February 22, 2013

Ombre Take Two + D.I.Y

Ahh! It's literally been a while since my last post on this blog. The reason for my absence lately is due to everyone in my house getting sick.. *whoopie Put that together with my hectic schedule and you'll get the worse cold ever! I drowned myself in blankets and tissues most of the time, but had that burning urge to just get outside and take pictures. Of course that wasn't gonna happen with my mom nagging me to stay in bed.. Which is  the reason why I kind of disappeared. But I can tell you, it was nice to lay on my bed and catch up on missed shows and check my favorite blogs for once.

Anyways, on to the actual post or else it would just be ongoing rambles. Aha.  As you guys may know from my instagram (if you have checked..) I've recently gotten my hair ombre'd but with time the dye eventually faded and just looked rachet. So I've been recently contemplating on either getting it profesionally redone to having it done at home. And since I've been getting alot alot of compliments and questions on how my friend did it.. I decided to recreate it myself. 

This kit was really inexpensive; I believe it was roughly $11.00 at my local drugstore. I do recommend buying the Medium to Dark Brown Hair First and than going ahead and get the Blonde to Light Brown Kit for better results.

(*Note; Ombre-ing your hair is very damaging so make sure to buy a good deep conditioner!
Also, Don't forget the aluminum foil
Instructions credited/inspired to www.zoella.co.uk )

Link to Zoey's Ombre Haircare Routine - Youtube Video

Make sure you read and follow the instructions on the box when mixing up the dyes, and be sure to use gloves when directly applying the peroxide to the hair! If your worried about the fade line, Do what I did and apply the highlighting solution twice. Personally I think this is what gave it the fully faded look.

Ombre Instructions:
The first step is to divide four sections of your hair on each side of your head.
First first round of bleaching should start on your very tips and make your way up atleast 4 inches (cover the sections with the foil) - wait 30 minutes
  • rinse and blow dry your hair
Second round of bleaching (after removing the foil and drying first round) make your way up to chin / jawbone area to achieve some sort of gradiant - 40 minutes with foil wrapped round it
Rinse and Apply with the Shampoo + Conditioner provided

 SUCCESS!!! + More hair pics coming up!
  inspiration: image credit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

I really love how messy and beachy it turned out. Knowing me I'll probably opt' to make it lighter in the near future. Alot of you may be thinking "Been there done that" but I love the texture it adds to just plain hair.. also I lalalove how dip dyes look overall.

On the side note, I'm currently editing my blog's background and layout. As well as making up the days I've missed blogging. 

See you all soon! & Goodluck